Named to honor the sixth dean of The Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law, Brendan Francis Brown (1949–54), this occasional lecture series seeks to provide the law school community with an opportunity to participate in an exchange of views on a variety of topics within both a formal and informal context.


Submissions from 2022


A Light Unseen: A History of Catholic Legal Education, John M. Breen and Lee Strang

Submissions from 2019


Refugees – Whose Responsibility?, Mark Hetfield

Submissions from 2018


A Conversation with Noel Francisco, Noel Francisco

Submissions from 2017


The Ballot and the Testament, Cornell William Brooks


A Conversation with Judge Sri Srinivasan, Judge Sri Srinivasan

Submissions from 2016


A Conversation with Director James B. Comey, Jr., James B. Comey


The Need for 'Honest Faith in a Higher Law', Honorable Janice Rogers Brown

Submissions from 2015

Reflections on Civil Liberties and National Security, Judge Thomas F. Hogan

The Federal Reserve and the Financial Crisis, The Honorable Jerome H. Powell

Submissions from 2014

Unconventional Responses to Unique Catastrophes: Tailoring the Law to Meet the Challenges, Kenneth M. Feinberg Esq.


The Catholic Law School and Constitutional Self-Government, The Honorable Diarmuid F. O'Scannlain

Submissions from 2012

Constitutional Challenges: Religious Liberty and the HHS mandate, Mark L. Rienzi, Stephen Schneck, and Emily Hardman

Submissions from 2011

Securing the Future: Making the Most of Your Law School Years, Phyllis C. Borzi

Submissions from 2009


Reinvigorating the Rule of Law in Iraq, Coral Wong Pietsch and James H. Pietsch

Submissions from 2008


The Future for EU-- U.S. Political and Economic Relations, Ambassador John Bruton

Submissions from 2006


Climate Change: An Alaskan Perspective, The Honorable Lisa Murkowski

Submissions from 2005


Is Terrorism Always the Same?, Philip Chase Bobbitt


Sovereignty During the Saeculum: Implications of a Jurisprudence of Subjectivity, Patrick M. Brennan


The Trial of Saddam Hussein — Victor’s Justice?, Charles H.B. Garraway OBE

Submissions from 2004


Brown v. Board of Education and an Independent Judiciary, The Honorable Peggy A. Quince

Submissions from 2003


Shaping the Church: Resisting Scandal and Avoiding Secularization, Mark Chopko

Anatomy of a Love-Hate Relation: America and International Organizations, W. Michael Reisman

Submissions from 2002


The Irish Peace Process: A Personal Perspective, The Honorable Sean O'Huiginn


Life on the Court, The Honorable Antonin Scalia