A Conversation with Director James B. Comey, Jr.


James B. Comey

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Director Comey began the discussion by addressing what leadership means to him and what leadership qualities he seeks when recruiting new talent to the FBI. Comey stressed that under his leadership, the FBI has become more focused on the person as a whole rather than bullet points on a resume. Comey continued to discuss the mark of a good leader is possessing sound judgment. He told the students in the audience that they are in the process of learning the basics of good judgment and this should be cultivated over time.He concluded his talk on leadership by encouraging students to consider a career in public service and pursuing a life that helps people.During the second half of the discussion, Dean Attridge asked Director Comey a series of pertinent questions regarding his personal leadership abilities, the recent Apple litigation cases in California and New York, cyber-security threats, wiretapping, overcoming unconscious bias, and career advice for students.

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