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The Sexual Exploitation of Children

The Sexual Exploitation of Children



This unique book is the first of its kind to address the specific issue of the sexual exploitation of children in a casebook format in a way that provides a measure of consensus and a basis for judicial and legislative responses. The book is suitable for traditional classroom teaching or a seminar setting. With a variety of current and teachable cases, statutes, and commentaries, the authors provide a clear and comprehensive overview of the issues pertaining to the sexual exploitation of children, including the common characteristics of exploiters and their victims; the legal parameters of the interactions between perpetrators and children; and the full nature of commercial exploitation, including child pornography, prostitution, and sex trafficking, and the significance of Internet technology to these issues.

The authors provide a strategic perspective of the civil and criminal aspects of the sexual exploitation of children, including mandatory reporting laws; the admissibility of evidence, including expert and child testimony; the application of relevant statutes of limitations; sentencing variables and conditions; and civil commitment and victim restitution reforms. In discussing the Federal and state responses to child sexual exploitation, the authors also address the legal basis for institutional liability, including relevant common law and statutory defenses, insurance coverage, and damages. The authors discuss timely examples of institutional liability, including religious, social, and educational icons, to offer a clear and comprehensive perspective on the need for judicial, legislative, and social reform. This casebook is an ideal resource for a comprehensive but detailed exploration of the practical legal issues involving the sexual exploitation of children. The casebook includes a clear and concise Teacher’s Manual, with summaries of all cases and commentaries and notable points of discussion for each case.



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The Sexual Exploitation of Children