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George P. Smith II - Monographs 1986-2001


George P. Smith II - Monographs 1986-2001



A collection of the following essays:

Law, science, and religion in a changing world order: designing a template for the age of biotechnology.

Universal human rights and biomedicine.

The elderly and health care rationing.

Complexities in end-of-life medical treatment.

Genetic enhancement or eugenic improvement: controlling the brave new world.

The last rights: euthanasia, suicide or self-determination: ethical, legal, and philosophical concerns.

The flight of the developmentally disabled.

Bioethics and the administration of justice.

Procreative liberty or procreative responsibility.

Developing a standard for advancing genetic health and scientific investigation.

Final exits: safeguarding self-determination and the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment.

Challenging family values in the new society.

Economic jurisprudence, land use development, and the law of nuisance.

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George P. Smith II - Monographs 1986-2001