How I Became a Civil Rights Lawyer in the Federal Government


Maya Noronha

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During the September 11 event, Noronha shared her personal career path, and provided tips for how law students can start to pursue careers in conscience, religious freedom, and civil rights.

“The Faith and Action series addresses the myth that you have to check your faith when you enter the legal profession. I want to show you, through my career path, that this does not have to be the case.”

Noronha also discussed how she got her start in law school by publishing a law journal note about a health care conscience regulation. “I highly recommend joining a law journal while in law school…this was a good opportunity to get involved in religious liberty law while still in school,” Finally, Noronha told students that they have the opportunity to express their religious beliefs throughout their careers. “I encourage you to get excited about religious liberty and conscious law. I am an example that you can express your beliefs in the workplace, and you can let your faith guide the direction of your work,”

A summary of the event is available here.

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