Winning Daily Battles: The Life of a Political Lawyer


Brian Svoboda

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On February 27, The Catholic University Columbus School of Law (Catholic Law) hosted Brian Svoboda, partner, Perkins Coie LLP, and Director, Law and Public Policy Program, Catholic Law, as part of its Faith in Action lecture series. Elizabeth Kirk, Director of the Center for Law and the Human Person at Catholic Law, welcomed everyone and introduced Svoboda.

Svoboda’s address, entitled “Winning Daily Battles”, focused on the reception of divine grace when in the midst of his daily battles as a political lawyer. Emphasizing the powers of prayer and virtue, Svoboda discussed how he derived positive outcomes from even the most strenuous aspects of practicing law. While noting to a room full of law students that legal practice can cause stress and worry, he highlighted that even such worrying can be productive, specifically when framed within the context of following God’s will. Purpose-driven prayer—which he described as honest and persistent—can provide support for the lawyer trying to live authentically while maintaining the fiduciary role of an attorney, as living authentically within the public sphere requires approaching everything with charity, something achieved after turning to prayer for answers.

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