The Catholic University Journal of Law and Technology (JLT), formerly known as the CommLaw Conspectus: Journal of Communications Law and Technology Policy, publishes thoughtful, timely, and useful articles that discuss recent developments in communications law, information privacy law, and intellectual property law. These fields are constantly undergoing rapid changes, and the Journal is dedicated to addressing cutting-edge issues, policies, and technologies by hosting annual symposia. Listed below is a selection of past symposia hosted by JLT and, prior to 2016, CommLaw Conspectus.

Browse the contents of Catholic University Journal of Law and Technology Symposia (formerly CommLaw Conspectus):

2023 | Ask App Not to Track? Addressing National Security and Data Privacy Vulnerabilities in Wearable Technology
2022 | 25 Years and 26 of the Internet's Most Controversial Words: Section 230 and the Modern Internet
2021 | Space: The New Legal Frontier
2020 | Financial Technology: The Future of Fintech
2019 | Data Privacy Symposium: The Future of Data Privacy Regulations
2018 | Repeal of The Open Internet Order of 2015: A Discussion on a Dynamic Internet and the Legal Road Ahead
2017 | The Impact of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board
2016 | Cybersecurity and Privacy in the Internet Economy
2015 | The Internet of Things: Device Innovation and Network Implications
2014 | Telecom in the 21st Century: Tech Revolution and Regulatory Evolution
2013 | Global Challenges to Communications Law and Policy in an Age of Austerity
2011 | Spectrum Strategies: Exploring the Future of America's Invisible Infrastructure
2010 | Implementing the National Broadband Plan
2007 | Content Abundance in a Multimedia World
2005 | The Telecommunications Act of 1996: a Case of Regulatory Obsoscence
2004 | The Journey to Convergence: Challenges and Opportunities