Six Phenomena that Bear on the Politics of Trade and Globalization

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Don’t blame international trade for lost jobs. In truth, exports are practically the only source of current growth in the country’s private sector. That observation was offered by Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky, former United States trade representative, senior international partner at WilmerHale and the speaker invited to give the 40th Annual Pope John XXIII Lecture at the Columbus School of Law. Barshefsky, a 1975 alumna, discussed “Six Phenomena that Bear on the Politics of Trade and Globalization.” The former Clinton Administration cabinet member displayed a knack for turning conventional wisdom on its head. Stagnant economic times? “The world is growing at a torrid pace. It has no historic parallel,” Barshefsky said, noting that the world’s gross economic output grew tenfold from 1950 to 2000, an explosion of production and wealth that has no precedent in recorded history.

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