Founded in 1950, the Catholic University Law Review is the Columbus School of Law's oldest legal journal. The Law Review is a student run scholarly journal that examines problems of current legal concern and publishes articles submitted by legal scholars and practitioners on a quarterly basis. The Catholic University Law Review is respected in the legal community and its articles are often cited in judicial opinions, casebooks, treatises, and other legal journals. This is an archive of symposia hosted by the Catholic University Law Review

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2024 | Law Surrounding the COVID Era: The Effects of the Pandemic on Policies and Practices
2023 | Underinvested and Overburdened: Ensuring Environmental Equality for Historically Disadvantaged Communities
2022|The Current State of Child Welfare: How Decreasing Child Poverty Can Aid in Meaningful Reform Thereof
2021 I Assessing Graham v. Florida At The Ten-Year Mark
2020 | Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic: The State of Military Justice in 2020.
2019 | Celebrating the 230th Anniversary of the Judiciary Act of 1789 and Reflecting on the Challenges of Our Federal Justice System
2018 | FISA & the 4th Amendment: A Review of the 4th Amendment Implications in Foreign & Domestic Surveillance
2017 | The Freedom of Information Act: A Tool for Transparency, Knowledge, and Litigation
2016 | The Intersection of Civil Rights and Civil Procedure
2015 | Patent Litigation after the America Invents Act
2009 | The Future of Election Law: The Changing Roles of Campaign Finance and Lobbyist Contributions
2006 | Immigration Appeals and Judicial Review
2005 | The Death Penalty and Mental Illness
2004 | Ensuring the Continuity of Government in Times of Crisis