Poland at the border of Putin’s war against Ukraine and the West

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On February 2, Ambassador Marek Magierowski, Poland Ambassador to the United States, spoke at The Catholic University America Columbus School of Law (Catholic Law) as part of the University's Global Connections Series. The audience was welcomed by Stephen Payne, Dean and Knights of Columbus Professor of Law at Catholic Law. Following his welcome, Dean Payne then introduced Lydia Korostelova (3L), who introduced Ambassador Magierowski.

The Ambassador's talk, Poland at the border of Putin’s war against Ukraine and the West, began with some background on Vladimir Putin and Russia. Magierowski discussed Poland's separation from Russia in 1989, joining NATO in 1999, and becoming a European Union member in 2004. He highlighted Poland’s welcome to Ukrainians crossing the Polish border with more than two million currently remaining as the war continues within Ukraine. Ninety-five percent are women and children, with at least 200,000 Ukrainian children now in Polish schools. He pointed out the importance of the western aid coming into Ukraine and how that aid is essential for the survival of Ukraine. Magierowski touched on the Russian war crimes, what is necessary to end the war, and more.

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