In 1890, William Callyhan Robinson, the founding dean of the law school at the Catholic University of America, proclaimed in his leading treatise on patent law, The Law of Patents, that the time had come for “the Law of Patents [to] be successfully treated as a department of jurisprudence.” More than a century later, this long tradition of the study of intellectual property law continues to thrive here at Catholic. This lecture series honors Dean Robinson's contributions to intellectual property law and to the Law School.


Submissions from 2020


Nicholas Beizer, General Counsel, International Affairs, GoDaddy, Nicholas Beizer

Submissions from 2018


Maintaining a Conversation with the Consumer, While Protecting the Brand: A Discussion with Under Armour, Toke Vandervoort and Douglas A. Rettew

Submissions from 2017


Dean Robinson I.P. Lecture Series with Judge Kara F. Stoll, Kara F. Stoll

Submissions from 2014


From Paralysis to Progress: The (Useful) Art of Copyright Pragmatism, Shira Perlmutter

Submissions from 2012


Implementation of the America Invents Act, James D. Smith, Janet Gongola, Joe Matal, Jon Kyl, and Antigone Peyton

Submissions from 2011


The Life and Times of Dean Robinson, Jeffrey Lefstin