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Teaching About Justice by Teaching with Justice: Global Perspectives on Clinical Education and Rebellious Lawyering is co-authored by cadre of clinicians from around the world: Catherine F. Klein, Richard Roe, Mizanur Rahman, Dipika Jain, Abhayraj Naik, Natalia Martinuzzi Castilho, Taysa Schiocchet, Sunday Kenechukwu Agwu, Olinda Moyd, Bianca Sukrow, and Christoph König. The piece captures and reflects the content of five presentations at the 2021 Global Alliance for Justice Education (GAJE) biannual gathering, conducted virtually due to the pandemic, with over 450 participants from 45 countries. The piece illuminates many themes and issues in the teaching and practice of transformational justice and community lawyering as observed and lived by a number of law school faculty and their students around the world. The article includes faculty who are involved in an ongoing critique of legal education and the theories that drive it. The authors share illustrations of some experiments and articulate some of the important and fundamental questions about how best to teach about justice by teaching with justice and the legal impact this teaching can engender. The authors emphasize the dynamic, ongoing reflection and experimentation needed to truly embrace being a rebellious, transformative lawyer (or rebellious, transformative law teacher) and challenge clinicians and legal educators to embrace systemic—even radical—change in their lawyering and in the methodology to teach and achieve justice.



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