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This Article examines the current debate on multidisciplinary practice (MDP) in the context of legal services provision in a non-profit setting and suggests ways for advocates and non-profit organizations to reap the benefits of MDP while avoiding the potential ethical pitfalls of such arrangements. Part I of the Article outlines the benefits of using a multidisciplinary model to address the legal needs of clients who are traditionally marginalized from the United States legal system. Part II explores the ethical debate surrounding multidisciplinary practice and analyzes whether the current rules of professional conduct prohibiting multidisciplinary practice apply to nonprofit organizations. Part III urges states to authorize MDP for non-profit, tax exempt organizations engaged in direct legal services provision to low-income and other vulnerable client populations regardless of whether states adopt full-scale MDP for the private sector. This section offers recommendations for changes to the ethical rules and suggests organizational policies and practices that accommodate and encourage the growth of multidisciplinary non-profit practice without sacrificing ethical protection for clients or the public interest.



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