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This Article contends that the convergent societal pressures from the same-sex marriage debate, the effect of the welfare legislation to define family, and the allowance of greater religious involvement in marriage preparation and divorce will precipitate a reawakening of marriage. The emergence of covenant marriage, the public debate over no-fault divorce, the resurgence of fault grounds, and Florida's enactment of its Marriage Preparation and Preservation Act are ramifications of this reawakening. Public concern over the frequency of divorce and the resulting adverse consequences for children and adults, indicate a change in attitude concerning marriage, divorce and family. Covenant marriage is simply the beginning of this process; the Florida legislation is a better and more involved approach. The litigation over same-sex marriage and the adoption of sweeping changes to welfare distribution in the United States focus new attention on the importance of marriage and its attendant responsibilities; they focus attention on the family. Thus, thirty years after no-fault divorce, attention shifts from no-fault opportunities to marriage instruction.



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