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Traditionally the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) has emphasized professional achievement and provided a variety of educational opportunities for its members. Yet the Association's goal is not education for its own sake, but rather education as means of achieving a better understanding of legal systems, bibliographical methods and sources of documentation in order to serve the law and library communities. To attain this goal, AALL has not only pursued the "passive" route of publishing professional journals, manuals and monographs but through a series of panel discussions, debates and institutes, it has aggressively sought active educational forums. The Education Committee of AALL has long been the primary catalyst through which instructional improvement has been achieved. The Committee, whose role is that of coordinator of educational activities beyond the scope of the convention program, has frequently followed many different paths. In early Association history, the Committee (or its predecessor) persuaded library science departments to include elective courses in law librarianship within their curricula. A number of years later, Committee members were instrumental in instituting a series of AALL publications, lectures and rotating institutes. More recently, the Education Committee was involved in the first plan for law librarian certification. Currently, to further develop the educational picture, the Committee has completed a comprehensive survey of AALL members' continuing education needs and desires. The results of that endeavor follow.



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