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This Article considers several trends that converge to make it a highly favorable time for law students to obtain mediation training and work as mediators prior to graduating. Part I summarizes a brief history of the modern ADR movement, and mediation's emergence as the ADR methodology of choice. Part II discusses the proliferation of live clinics in law schools, with a special emphasis upon mediation clinics and their role in teaching unique practice-ready skills. Part III focuses on the practicalities of community mediation training as well as state requirements for mediators. Finally, Part IV considers the tight legal job market and expanding job opportunities for mediators and suggests that law students obtain training and work as mediators while in school, to gain a competitive edge. As law school graduates, they will possess enhanced practice-ready "head" and "heart" skills; be poised to utilize mediation skills and connections developed while working as mediators; and can more readily embark on a path toward a fulfilling and prosperous legal career. In short, they will be skilled, sellable, and successful.



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