Most Recent Additions*


The REAL ID Act, Habeas Corpus, and Judicial Review
David M. McConnell, Nancy Morawetz, and Margaret Kuehne Taylor


Immigration Appeals at the BIA and in the Circuit Courts
Lory Diana Rosenberg, Michael M. Hethmon, Edward R. Grant, John R.B. Palmer, and Cathy Catterson


Keynote Address
The Honorable John T. Noonan Jr.


Presidential Succession and Congressional Leaders
Norman J. Ornstein and John C. Fortier


Constitutional Challenges: Religious Liberty and the HHS mandate
Mark L. Rienzi, Stephen Schneck, and Emily Hardman


Almost Home
Kevin Ryan


So My Client is an Ax-Murderer…
A.G. Harmon, Sarah Helene Duggin, Clifford S. Fishman, Melissa Moschella, and Dr. Ahmad Kazemi-Moussavi


Pro Bono Work to Help Others Today (and Your Career Tomorrow)
Mark L. Rienzi, Jennifer Tschirch, and Emmjolee Mendoza Waters

*Updated as of 09/22/17.