The Securities Law Program offers a robust series of lectures featuring leaders in the field of securities. Under the supervision of Jack W. Murphy, the SLP Lecture Series focuses on a variety of substantive topics of current and enduring importance within securities regulation.


Submissions from 2022


Conference on Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing Under the Federal Securities Laws, Jack W. Murphy

Submissions from 2020


A Virtual Discussion with Hester Peirce, Hester Peirce and Jeremy Kidd


Myths and Realities: Modernizing the Proxy Rules, Elad L. Roisman

Submissions from 2019


Muddy Waters Clearing Up: The Evolving State and Federal Status of a Best Interest Standard for Broker-Dealer and Investment Advisers, Phyllis C. Borzi and Carl Wilkerson


Charges for Order Flow and Market Information…Are they Fair?, Christopher R. Concannon


The Dodd Frank Act in our De-regulatory Environment, Amy Friend

Submissions from 2018


World Bank Investment Instruments for Third World Nations, Dennis C. Sullivan


The Changing Roles of Shareholder Activism, Jason Frankle


Enhancing Corporate Cyber Security, Susan Axelrod


Sustainability, Corporate Value, and SEC Reporting, Daniel Goelzer

Submissions from 2017


Bitcoin Trading: Market Gambling or a Digital Payment System, Kevin Batteh


Unicorns in the Land of Securities Law, Troy A. Paredes


Impact of the 2016 Election on the Dodd Frank Legislation, Thomas Quaadman and Greg Babyal

Submissions from 2016

Why is "CATS" Essential to Securities Law Enforcement?, Scott W. Bauguess

The Value of Non-transparent Markets (“Dark Pool”) in Securities Trading, Matt Andresen

Submissions from 2015

Should In House Attorneys Be Responsible for Corporate Compliance Failures, Rick Ketchum, Dick Walker, and Daniel Gallagher

A Spirited Discussion On Corporate Governance, Daniel Gallagher and Sabastian V. Niles


Insider Trading: Where has it been? Where does it now have to go?, William McLucas, Andrew Ceresney, and Daniel Gallagher

Prosecuting Insider Trading: A Delicate Balance, Stephen L. Cohen

Submissions from 2014

High Frequency Trading: What is it, and How Does it Impact the Markets, Gregg Berman

Recent Developments at the SEC, Daniel Gallagher

Submissions from 2013

Mortgage Bonds, their demise and rebirth.....are we ready for this?, John Arnholz

Proxy Advisors and Their Impact on Corporate Governance and SEC Required Disclosure, Daniel Gallagher

How the SEC is Responding to Increasingly Computerized Markets, Gregg Berman

Submissions from 2012

Pre IPO Issuer Disclosure... Post Facebook, Philip Shaikun

High Frequency Trading: Why is it done? What are its dangers?, James A. Brigagliano, Christopher R. Concannon, and Theodore R. Lazo

Submissions from 2011


Derivative Regulation Post Dodd Frank...., Eric Juzenas


Dodd Frank: What was intended; How are we doing?, Christy L. Romero


The Flash Crash of 2010, Gregg Berman